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4 Simple Ways to Remove Used Wax From Your Wax Burner

Sitting back and enjoying your Callan Candles soy wax melts is the easy part. But what do you do when it's time to remove the used wax from your wax burner?

In this blog post we are going to look at 4 simple ways to remove used wax from your wax burner.

Please note that wax (and your wax burner) can get very hot, so please always use caution when emptying them.

1 - Using Cotton Balls

This approach is extremely simple and is the one we use most frequently at Callan Candles HQ. It is also great because in certain circumstances, the cotton balls can be reused.

We simply drop 3 cotton balls into the top of our burner just after we have turned it off or blown out the soy wax tealight. Three is enough to soak up most of the soy wax. We then remove those three and use a final cotton ball to mop up any remaining residue.

The great thing about this approach is that the cotton balls can be reused. We use them as firelighters in our home (the best smelling firelighters out there, we think!)

If you don't want to reuse them, you can pop them into the bin. Since our wax melts are made using soy wax, they are biodegradable and non-toxic. You can find out why we decided to use soy wax rather than paraffin based wax in our other blog post by clicking here.


Wax is hot and liquid.


Very easy.

Cotton balls can be reused.


Cost of cotton balls.

Buddha head wax melterRemoval of used soy wax using cotton balls4 simple ways to remove used wax from your wax burner


2 - Using Kitchen Roll

This approach works best when your Callan Candles soy wax melts are warm, but not liquid. You can light your tealight or switch on your electric wax melter and allow the wax to soften. Just as you start to see liquid forming around the edge of the wax is the perfect time for using kitchen roll.

Simply take your piece of kitchen roll and wipe into the wax. It should come away easily. You can then simply drop the kitchen roll in the bin since our soy wax is biodegradable and non-toxic. Alternatively, you could also reuse this as a firelighter.


When the wax is just starting to warm but isn't liquid. It should have a small ring of liquid around the outside and should be loose enough that it moves around the melter.


Very easy.

Kitchen roll can also be reused as firelighters.


Cost of kitchen roll.

Waiting for the wax to reach the right consistency.

Square white ceramic white melt burnerRemoving wax melts from wax burner using kitchen rollCallan Candles white ceramic wax burner removing old wax melts


3 - Using a Spoon

Another very easy way to remove your old wax melts from a wax burner is to use a spoon. Since wax is a relatively soft substance, a spoon will help break it away and scoop it out. The curve of the spoon also works well in the curved bowl of a wax melter/burner.

You can then simply drop the melt into the bin.


This can be done when the wax is cold. However, if you warm it slightly, it will come away more easily from the ceramic bowl.


Simple and fast.

You do not need to waste anything (like cotton balls or kitchen roll).


The metal spoon may chip the ceramic bowl of your wax burner so it requires a bit of caution.

Small ceramic wax burner by Callan CandlesRemoving wax melts from a wax burner using a spoon

4 - Pouring it Into Kitchen Roll

Since your Callan Candles soy wax melts are biodegradable, you can also simply pour it into the bin. When we do this, we pour it onto a piece of kitchen roll that we place into the bin. The reason for doing it that way is because when the wax is liquid, it is hot, so we don't want it melting any of the bin bag.

You should also be careful to make sure the wax melter isn't too hot to touch when using this method. We find it works best on an electric wax melter, since they don't usually get as hot as one that uses a tealight.


When the wax is liquid.





Wax melter can be hot to touch.

Cost of kitchen roll.

Soy wax melt electric burnerHow to empty an electric wax melter


Those are 4 simple ways to remove used wax from your wax burner. Do you have a different way that you use?

One of the main things about emptying your wax melter is that... you need some deliciously scented soy wax melts to use in them first. Callan Candles special offers are the best place to stock up on our blissful gemstones.

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  • Anne Bain on

    I put price of ribbon looped into wax when it’s cool wax just pulls out . Ribbon can be reused

  • Janet ANdrews on

    I use tin foil cut into little squares that fit in the top of my burner. Then the wax melt pops off the foil and the foil is recyclable 😁

  • Julie Russell on

    I always put my candle holder in freezer for 10 minutes once it’s gone hard & it just pops out while

  • Ivana on

    Put the bowl in a freezer and when wax get frozen you can easily remove it with a use of knife, spoon or anything thin and sharp.

  • Julie Arundel on

    I find the easiest way of removing the wax from the non electrical burners is to wait for the wax to cool and harden and then put the burner in the freezer for awhile and then the wax just slides out in one piece.

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